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Since Elmer Hensler hung out his shingle in 1965, Queen City Sausage has participated in worthy causes throughout Elmer’s beloved West End and beyond. As a member of the community that helped make real his dream it is deeply important to and immeasurably gratifying for Elmer and his Queen City Sausage family to support the charitable efforts making better the region. Quietly and respectfully, they have done so, one sausage link at a time.

As a natural extension of the Queen City Sausage brand of over-arching dedication, it is only fitting that the company’s community commitment should grow meaningfully with amplified efforts. 2015 will find the Queen City team and their hand-crafted sausages enthusiastically and deliciously punctuating the finish lines of Cincinnati’s Komen Race for the Cure, Heart Mini-Marathon, and Flying Pig Marathon events, to name a few. With great pleasure, all sausages and energies are donated and volunteered so that each organization may keep full the bellies of their boosters and backers.

The Queen City Sausage Sample Squad now grills up well over 35,000 free samples of our delicious sausages and goetta at the area's charity runs.  The 2 Queen City grill station booths are extremely popular at the events we attend!  By giving we receive!









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elmer.jpgThe principles set forth by Elmer Hensler in 1965 are the same ones we honor in every batch of craft-sausage today.

They are simple and real and they are the framework around which the Queen City Sausage brand is built:

1.pngFor our customers, our families, and ourselves, Queen City Sausage creates highest-quality German sausages.

2.pngQueen City Sausage customers deserve and will receive the very best service possible.

3.pngCustomers are entitled to and will always be offered Queen City Sausage at a fair and honest price.

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