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Goetta is a Cincinnati breakfast tradition brought to the region around Queen City Sausage nearly 200 years ago by German immigrants. It is a slow-cooked blend of pork, beef, steel-cut oats, fresh onions, and spices. In the skill-driven spirit of craft sausage-making, Queen City goetta is handmade from the leanest cuts of pork and beef, the characteristic steel-cut oats, and a secret set of four spices. Simply brown and serve for a most enjoyable eating experience.

Did You Know? All About Queen City Sausage Goetta

Bursting with Premium Meats. Queen City goetta stands alone with generous portions of super trim pork and beef.

Lean and Mean. In contrast to the high-fat sausage alternatives, Queen City goetta has only 8 grams of fat per 2-ounce serving.

Super Secret Spices. The Queen City goetta recipe is pure and simply seasoned with – shhh! – our signature secret combination of hand-blended spices.

Full of Fiber. Steel-cut whole-grain oats give goetta a fiber-rich edge making it a healthier breakfast option.

The Real Deal. The intense flavor unique to Queen City goetta is a direct result of quality ingredients and dedicated craftspeople, not trans - fats and MSG.

Jam - Packed with Protein. Protein is essential to building and maintaining muscle – and making the most delicious goetta that is Queen City brand.

Fully - Cooked for You. The flavors of Queen City goetta are married together in the process of slow - cooking that happens before it even makes it to your kitchen. Simply brown and serve when it gets there.

Available in Several Varieties. One-pound roll, mini-bricks, and a full-size – ask for them all!

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Did You Know?

  • Queen City Sausage brats and metts are the best selling locally produced sausages in the region!
  • All recipes are authentic German recipes. 
  • Only the finest ingredients are used.  No fillers.  No shortcuts!
  • Real hickory wood is burned to create our distinctive smoke flavor!
  • Our spices are still “hand mixed.” This ensures consistently delicious product.
  • Queen City Sausage is family owned and managed.
  • Small batch production ensures every product we make is exceptional!

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