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True mastery comes from a powerful focus and a burning desire to share the absolute best you can offer. You never stop learning and perfecting. At Queen City Sausage, our focus has been on crafting and consistently offering the most delicious Bratwurst, Mettwurst, and Hot Mettwurst we can possibly can.

There is no trying or hoping to. We must create the perfect sausage with every single batch, every time, every day. Its Elmer’s way and how he taught us. These three sausages are the foundation and backbone of our company. There are other sausages out there, but none quite as special as these. Honest! No brag. Just fact!



Bratwurst is a beloved treasure at Queen City Sausage. There is something about the simplicity in bratwurst, yet there is an art to crafting just the right blend of pork and spices. The Cincinnati Style brat is all pork and steamed to perfection. This results in the white color we are so famous for.



The Mettwurst showcases our ability to truly craft sausages. With this sausage which we simply call a mett, our smoking skills along with our ability to blend the right combination of fresh meats and spices come into play. Of course we use real hickory wood smoke, fresh spices and never rush the slow cooking process. These are so delicious!

Hot Mett


Queen City Sausage is the hot sausage specialist. Seriously! We have three varieties; Hot, Extra Hot and Super-Hot. Of course we apply all of our Mettwurst skills as the base, and we simply add the heat (black pepper, white pepper, and crushed red pepper). If you want hot sausage, it has to be Queen City!


Goetta Too!

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Goetta is a regional specialty found only in the Greater Cincinnati area and Northern KY. Goetta is a German breakfast sausage made with pork, beef, onions, spices and oats. Goetta is fully cooked. Simply slice it, and brown it in a medium heated skillet. The oats are the magic, they absorb the delicious flavors. The results are pure food enjoyment! Goetta is traditionally served as a breakfast side. However goetta makes a delicious slider, Reuben, and goetta grilled cheese!



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