New Building Expansion and More for Queen City Sausage Company

8 May, 15

 Capital isn’t scarce, vision is.  Sam Walton  


Chapter 9

When most business owners achieve the success Elmer J. Hensler has with his now over 50 year old Queen City Sausage Company, they tend to want to slow down a bit.  Not so for Elmer.  In fact, construction is underway for his 12th addition to the sausage factory.  This new addition will not only add needed space, but will also streamline the production process.  This is especially important and timely as the company is looking to expand into surrounding areas such as Columbus, Indianapolis, Michigan, Louisville, and Lexington.

As Elmer often proclaims; “We do not want to be the biggest, just the best!”  This phrase sums up the careful approach the Queen City Sausage team takes when considering a gentle push outward.  “I do not want to make any kind of move that will jeopardize the quality of our sausages for our existing customers.” said Elmer.  So everything is carefully calculated and lined up, including any new production equipment.  Regional expansion is now underway.

Additionally, Elmer often reflects on the team he has in place.  Patrick Miller is the GM/Director of Sales, Mark Rodgers is the Plant Manager, Mark Balasa is the Director of Marketing, Edie Glenn is the Office Manager, and Sandy Witt is the inside Sales Manager.  There are many other key players, most with great longevity.  There is very little turn over.

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