Sausage King Elmer Hensler of the Queen City Sausage Company

8 May, 15

“You’ve Tried the Rest, Now Try the Best®”  Tagline coined by Elmer J. Hensler



Chapter 10

Elmer Hensler is a story teller.  He often invites people to tour the Queen City Sausage Factory and conducts most of the tours himself.  While on the tour Elmer narrates how and where the company began in each of the 11 expansions you walk through while there.  Each room has a story, a unique need that it satisfied and where the company was at the time on its road to success.

The tour begins with a walk on the roof on the way to Jeff’s Cooler.  While on the roof, the visitor gets a very strong blast of freshly burning hickory wood smoke emanating from the smokehouses.  The smell is primal!  It fills up the senses.  It makes you hungry!  Once inside Jeff’s Cooler, a full array of large containers of fresh meats are on display.  Some of the meat  arrived that morning and some has been freshly blended for various brat and mett recipes.  The emphasis is on fresh here.  No meat is ever purchased that has been previously frozen.  Buying fresh meat costs much more but Elmer insists on being able to test the quality instantly of all meat arriving at the plant.

Along the tour route, the various production processes are shown.  This includes mixing, chopping, stuffing, steaming and the favorite, smoking!  Elmer explains every aspect.  He is so proud!

Most tour visitors walk away with these thoughts:  Wow!  “I had no idea how great sausage is really made!  How clean and organized the plant is!  The employees interact so well and know their jobs.”  Additionally they can say that they were personally lead on a tour by the Sausage King himself, Elmer Hensler.

Elmer is somewhat unique in that he has never forgotten where he came from.  Cincinnati’s West End.  The original meat packing district of Porkopolis. Humble beginnings and poor.  So everything gained is appreciated.  Everything!  That’s Elmer!

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