Goetta Stuffing Recipe

A few years ago, my friend Matt Grimes, the owner of Colonial Cottage Inn Restaurant in Erlanger KY created this wonderful Goetta Stuffing recipe.  As I indicated to Matt, this is the best tasting stuffing I have ever had.  The Cottage serves this treat for a limited-time during the holidays.


With Matt’s permission, I am sending the recipe your way.  Queen City goetta is actually about 60% less fat than the competition yet delivers the full goetta flavor and experience.  No MSG.  


Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark Balasa


Goetta Stuffing Recipe


1 ¼ lbs. of Queen City Goetta                         7 ½ oz. Breadcrumbs


2 Cups White Onions (Chopped)                     2-3 Cups of Water


2 Cups Celery (Chopped)                                ½ Tsp. Poultry Seasoning


½ Tsp. White Pepper                                       ½ Tsp. Sage


½ Tsp. Italian Seasoning                                 ¼ Lb. Butter


1 Tsp. Garlic (Granulated)                              2 Tbsp. Turkey Base (Optional)


1.       In a large skillet over medium heat crumble and brown the goetta.

2.      Remove from skillet to cool.  Do not drain.

3.      Chop onions and celery.  Combine ingredients in a large mixing bowl adding water last.

4.      Stuff mixture into a prepared fresh turkey and bake at 325 degrees for about 15 minutes per pound of turkey.


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Grill Tips

1.pngParboil with beer

In a pot placed directly on the grill, add your favorite beer and Queen City sausages.  Before they even touch the grates of the grill, allow the sausages to simmer in the beer for about 5 minutes.

2.pngCook Slowly

Once the grill has warmed to a medium-low temperature, and the sausages have been heated throughout, remove them from the beer and place them right on the grill.  Cook each link slowly over low heat to preserve its juices and optimize flavor.  High heat leads to burnt casings, overcooked sausages, and flame flare-ups; grill slowly and carefully.

3.pngUse tongs

Forks pierce sausage casings and allow juices to escape.  Avoid flare-ups and dry sausages by turning them often with tongs.

Note: More cooking time may be necessary when cooking raw sausages.

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