Welcome to the Region’s Best Selling Craft Sausage

We are local Cincinnati sausage makers who happen to believe deeply that we can, will, and must produce the absolute finest sausages possible, each and every day.  It is our desire and mission to share this passion, this appreciation, this love and knowledge of great food, exemplified in the delicious sausage we craft.

Iconic Bratwurst, Hickory Wood Smoked Sausages, and Old Fashioned Deli Meats are expressed through old world processes, techniques, and authentic recipes. 

We make food that matters.  Food that connects.  Real food for real people.  Made right here in Cincinnati’s original Porkopolis district, since 1965. 

Every Queen City sausage is a sensory exploration and experience.  Fire.  Smoke.  Intense flavor.  Unity.   

Grilling, campfires, skillets, and stoves are primal.  They bring us together to share and celebrate food, family and friends. 

What Makes Queen City Sausages Different?

It just so happens we began as a company because our founder had an extreme passion for great, timeless sausage making and was dismayed by a growing trend where the standards of excellence were being traded for mass produced – Big Business, resulting in fillers and low quality ingredients.  This was back in 1965. 

Elmer Hensler created Queen City Sausage over 50 years ago to take a stand against inferior sausages and preserve old world recipes, techniques and processes.  Elmer’s favorite phrase is “Never cheapen your products.”  We live by these words every day.  We are incredibly proud of the premium sausages we make and the high standards Elmer set. 

From these standards and high aspirations our Prime Directives were established.  We call these directives our 7 Pillars.  The 7 Pillars define Queen City Sausage, guide us, and set us apart from others. 

Our 7 Pillars are our Standards and Promises!


As sausage makers, we constantly strive to produce the very best, craft sausages using old world skills and techniques. With that said, we have also mastered the helpfulness of selected, German made stuffers and mixers, blended with the watchful eyes of sausage mastery. Our facility is USDA inspected daily.


Queen City Sausage is committed to using only the best meats, freshest spices, onions, and garlic. No fillers. No MSG. No Mechanically Separated Poultry, ever!

Authentic German Recipes

From the very beginning, Elmer partnered with master sausage makers to create the recipes we enjoy today. The recipes are sacred.

Real Hickory Wood Smoke

There is no substitute for the flavor imparted when slow cooked sausages are slowly infused with real hickory wood smoke. It’s the old, proven way. No liquid smoke. Not here. Ever.

Small Batch Production

Elmer’s “We do not want to be the biggest, just the best!” says it all. Small batch means more eyes on the entire process. From mixing the meats, adding the spices, stuffing, smoking and slow cooking. Everything matters.

Hand Mixed Spices

We do not buy pre-blended spices. Instead, we take the many extra steps and blend the fresh spices ourselves. Hands on control. Every batch. Every recipe.


When you add it all up; Heritage, Ingredients Matter, Authentic German Recipes, Real Hickory Wood Smoke, Small Batch Production, Hand Mixed Spices-this means you receive the most genuine and quite possibly, the world’s best tasting sausage!

Did You Know?

Queen City Sausage refuses to purchase frozen meat.  Why?  Frozen meat can have a history.  History can mean freeze and thaw.  Freezer burn.  Quality issues.  QCS buys only fresh meat.  We can see, smell, touch, and know exactly what we are buying and our suppliers never fail. It is simply the craft sausage way! 

7 Earned and Proven Sausage Grill Tips

One of the best things about working for a local iconic sausage maker is that we get to taste the great sausages we make daily. We especially look forward to taste testing new products like our new Wicked hot sausage line.
In recent years, I estimate that we have grilled over a quarter million brats, metts, and Goetta Sliders at huge events such as the Heart Mini Marathon, Flying Pig, Komen Race for the Cure, and many more. Along the way, we have developed our top 7 Grill Tips and will gladly share with you.

Tip #1—Build the Anticipation:

Why? Announcing the grill menu to guests builds excitement and engagement.
Additionally send out flavor signals from the very beginning by sautéing onions and peppers in Italian dressing. Add a dash or 2 of Worcestershire sauce. Yes, Worcestershire sauce. Liquid magic! The onions and peppers become toppings at the end.

Mark Balasa
Director of Marketing
Queen City Sausage Company
Cincinnati, Ohio 45214


Special thanks to the Arteflame Grill Company.

Many of our products were grilled and photographed on the brilliant and legendary Arteflame.