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Craft sausage is made by a second-generation maker, with fresh onions, garlic, and spices that are truly from the earth. A craft sausage-maker uses authentic, time-honored recipes and only the finest ingredients available to bring them to life. A craft sausage is stuffed by sausage specialists who pour their time and artistry into their handiwork, one small batch at a time.

Queen City Sausage delivers only craft sausage. In fact, we take seriously the history of great sausage-making and are dedicated to the art and science that make it so. We are loyal to the recipes – the careful balance of spices and meats and the critical baking times, temperatures, and conditions – that make sausage first-rate. We are thoughtful in our selection of top-notch ingredients. And we are proud to be old-fashioned in our quality-driven devotion.

The result of our single-minded commitment to craft sausage-making is a line of truly superior sausages, lunchmeats, and premium ham and roast beef made by dedicated craftspeople, a collection of edible artistry. The result is delicious. The result is the best-selling craft sausage in the region. The result is Queen City Sausage.


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elmer.jpgThe principles set forth by Elmer Hensler in 1965 are the same ones we honor in every batch of craft-sausage today.

They are simple and real and they are the framework around which the Queen City Sausage brand is built:

1.pngFor our customers, our families, and ourselves, Queen City Sausage creates highest-quality German sausages.

2.pngQueen City Sausage customers deserve and will receive the very best service possible.

3.pngCustomers are entitled to and will always be offered Queen City Sausage at a fair and honest price.