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Craft sausage is made by a second-generation maker, with fresh onions, garlic, and spices that are truly from the earth. A craft sausage-maker uses authentic, time-honored recipes and only the finest ingredients available to bring them to life. A craft sausage is stuffed by sausage specialists who pour their time and artistry into their handiwork, one small batch at a time.

Queen City Sausage delivers only craft sausage. In fact, we take seriously the history of great sausage-making and are dedicated to the art and science that make it so. We are loyal to the recipes – the careful balance of spices and meats and the critical baking times, temperatures, and conditions – that make sausage first-rate. We are thoughtful in our selection of top-notch ingredients. And we are proud to be old-fashioned in our quality-driven devotion.

The result of our single-minded commitment to craft sausage-making is a line of truly superior sausages, lunchmeats, and premium ham and roast beef made by dedicated craftspeople, a collection of edible artistry. The result is delicious. The result is the best-selling craft sausage in the region. The result is Queen City Sausage.

The 7 Pillars

Queen City Sausage has 7 Pillars/Attributes that guide and distinguish us from competition:

1. Heritage: Since 1965.  Founder and President, Elmer Hensler continues at the helm.

2. Ingredients Matter: Queen City Sausage is committed to using only the best meats, fresh spices, and fresh onions and garlic.  No fillers.  No MSG.  No Mechanically Separated Poultry.

3. Authentic German Recipes: From the very beginning in 1965, Elmer partnered with master sausage makers to create the recipes we enjoy still today.

4. Real Hickory Wood Smoke: There is no substitute for the flavor imparted when slow cooked sausages are infused with real hickory wood smoke.  Cheap, liquid smoke is simply not allowed.

5. Small Batch Production: Elmer Hensler' favorite saying is "We do not want to be the biggest, just the best!"  Well, small batch production means we are totally in tune with every product we make.  From mixing the meat, adding the fresh spices, stuffing, and slow cooking, everything matters.  The batches are small enough so that personal attention and care is given to all we produce.

6. Hand Mixed Spices: We do not buy pre-blended spices.  Instead we take the extra steps and blend fresh spices ourselves so we have complete quality control over every recipe.

7. Transparency and Authenticity: Elmer Hensler is so proud and confident of what his Queen City Sausage Company is and stands for that he often gives personal tours.




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